Do I need a prescription for HBOT?
Yes, the FDA considers medical grade oxygen a drug; therefore, we do require a prescription.

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

Regardless of whether or not your doctor recommends this therapy, you will need to be seen by our Medical staff to ensure you are a safe candidate for the Hyperbaric environment. All patients require a prescription in order to receive HBOT.

What is on-label and off-label?
On-label refers to a drug that is tested and approved by the FDA to treat or cure a specific indication. Physicians often prescribe an “on-label” drug for “off-label” purposes, meaning that the drug hasn’t been cleared by the FDA for that specific indication, but research shows there is benefit.

How many treatments will I need?
Different indications require different protocols. This means the length of time and number of treatments can vary. Some indications may need less than 5 treatments, many need 40, sometimes more. This is based on the specific individual’s needs.

How long does HBOT take?
HBOT is typically prescribed in 60 or 90-minute treatments. This does not include the time it takes to pressurize and decompress the hyperbaric chamber. That will typically add another 30 minutes to your treatment time.

What does it cost?
This will vary from clinic to clinic and whether or not you are in a freestanding clinic or a hospital setting, also whether or not insurance is covering all or part of your treatment. We are happy to provide you our fee schedule upon request. We also offer a sliding fee scale for those who apply and qualify.

What do I wear?
We provide patients with 100% cotton scrubs.

What does a hyperbaric treatment feel like?
In a hyperbaric chamber, atmospheric pressure is changed by filling it with compressed air. The change in pressure is felt in the ears, as they equalize. It is similar to the pressure changes experienced with flying or driving over mountain passes. Some patients may experience ear pain during pressurization or decompression. Our staff is well trained to assist you. The temperature in the chamber can get quite warm as well as quite cool. We do our best to keep you comfortable with pillows and blankets.

What is the difference between soft-side chambers and hard-side chambers?
Soft-side chambers generally only go to a depth of 1.3 ATA, whereas our chambers are rated to go to 3.0 ATA. According to the Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society, for clinical purposes, the pressure must equal or exceed 1.4 ATA while breathing near 100% oxygen for a treatment to be considered Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

There is a significant difference between soft-side and hard-side chambers.

What kind of hyperbaric chambers does HCW have?
At HCW, we have hard side chambers. We have a mono chamber and a multi-chamber. The mono chamber is designed for one patient at a time, while our multi-chamber has 10 seats in it.

Can wheelchairs go in a hyperbaric chamber?
Yes, wheelchairs can go in our multi-place hyperbaric chamber. Our multi-place chamber has 10 seats in it that can fold up to accommodate wheelchairs. We prefer to have patients transfer to our hyperbaric “clean” wheelchair, but if that is not possible, we will clean your wheelchair with hyperbaric approved cleaning solution before treatment.

What can I take with me in the chamber?
Patients are not allowed to take anything with them in the mono chamber. There is a TV mounted on the outside for patients to watch a movie.

Patients can take a limited amount of items into the multi-chamber. For example, each patient may take 1 book or a coloring book and crayons/pencils. Card games are generally approved. All items must be pre-approved by a hyperbaric technician.

More specifics will be given to patients during the consultation.

Is HBOT safe?
When done with safety as a priority, HBOT is very safe. It is important to note the safety protocols at a Hyperbaric facility. At HCW, we adhere to the highest safety standards and expect patients to be in compliance.

How do I get started with HBOT treatment?
Call or email HCW to set up a patient consultation. All patients need to be medically cleared prior to obtaining their prescription, and must be physically seen by our medical director. Further information is obtained during the consultation.