Ryan's Testimonial

Brock's Testimonial

"My name is Charlene and my son Zayden completed hyperbaric treatment in late June. Zayden was placed on the Autism Spectrum when he was two years old. He was non-verbal and very hyper-active. He is also on the high-functioning level, and is very energetic, rarely sat still and often times it would be me chasing him around wherever we went. He also made little to no eye contact in the beginning.

Since his diagnosis, Zayden has been through some early interventions through the Children's Village, and the ABA Program that have helped in many regards. Once we added the hyperbaric treatment to the mix, everyone from friends to family could see a difference in his behavior, and how calm he was in comparison to before. When we first begin the process, I was very worried at how Zayden would respond to the hood on his head for 90 minutes... The staff at Hyperbaric Centers of Washington was gracious enough to supply an IPad for him to play games and watch shows. This was indeed a life saver. The entire experience was extremely pleasant. The staff was kind and patient with Zayden. Although Zayden had recently gone through some breakthroughs prior to the O2 treatment, I was able to notice right away how he was responding much quicker after a few weeks. Many interventions techniques use methods to get the child to reciprocate what they are doing and saying. Zayden caught on to this well, but it would take me at least 3-4 tries to get him to reciprocate what I say or do, if at all. After he had been receiving O2 treatment for 2-3 weeks, he was responding almost instantly. Now, 3 weeks after treatment, he is not only doing that, but volunteering communication, and of course the first try was the word "No"... He made eye contact and I could tell he was awaiting my response! I could also tell he was "trying out" the word. We had gone to a children's party recently, and he actually played around other kids and behaved well. In fact I had a moment to sit and talk to other parents for the very first time with ease. He also calls me "mom mom" and says "I love you", sometimes with eye contact. I feel that he now has the ability to understand what I am explaining to an extent, and although I am unable to hold conversation or receive a response for a question, I believe that day will come very soon now.

I have become very observant of his behavior over the years, and can confidently say that after the process of O2 I noticed positive cognitive and social changes within his behavioral patters.
Thank you!"

Charlene & Zayden

Happy 4 Year Old!

I am a physical therapist who has partnered with people for almost 20 years in their recovery from stroke and other head injuries. It was surreal to find myself having to deal with my own stroke and a car accident that resulted in an additional insult to my brain. I participated in cognitive retraining, did significant amounts of cardiopulmonary work to get more oxygen to my brain, and took different medications to help. When I was able to return to work, I found if I worked more than 3-4 hours, I would suffer cognitive fatigue and had to stop for the day. After doing as much as I could, I finally came to the conclusion that I could only work 6 hours a day. This was the case for more than 2 years. I heard about the hyperbaric treatment for non-traditional types of problems on the radio. After reading the research I believed there was a high possibility of this treatment helping me return to full-time work without the fatigue or headaches. With a leap of faith, I jumped right in (pun intended) and after 40 dives I was again able to work 8 hours a day. There are still days where I get exhausted as well as times where the cognitive fatigue rears its ugly head, but I have been working 8 hours a day for the past 7 months. The treatment wasn't a magic pill, but it provided me an environment where it helped physiologically while I put in the mental and physical work to make the change permanent. The brain is pliable. Supplying it with an increase of oxygen at the cellular level along with challenging the neuromuscular and cognitive pathways provide the best opportunity to improve. I am a result of these changes and now I get to do more of what I love every day.



My husband and I came to Yakima, WA after we learned that yours was the best Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Center on the West Coast. It was a challenge for us because Herb had a stroke and his left side is paralyzed. You did so much to make this a positive experience for us. Thanks for all of your help scheduling around Dr. appointments, physical therapy, for providing a lift for his transfers, and for providing a space to take care of his personal needs.

Since returning home, some of the changes we have noticed include: no more irregular heartbeat, no more need for blood thinners, no longer takes meds for diabetes, and his blood pressure meds have decreased by half. I'm sure that one will be eliminated soon too. We have enjoyed our experience, and thank you for all of your help.

Herb & Ann


"I am so grateful for the opportunity that was afforded to me at your facility. My energy level surged after that and I can honestly say I believe it was due to the HBO treatments."